Got a Dirty Man in Your Life?

Locked down with a dude who has divorced the shower? Before YOU head to court, introduce him to his new BFF: the Dirty "Fill-in-the-blank-with-a-name" Tallow & Goatmilk Bar soap line.
Our "Dirty" line came about while trying to decide what to name a new line of men's bath soap bars. Not really being a wordsmith, the simplest solution was just to give them men's names. The "Dirty" part came about after discussing the idea with my husband, who suggested adding the "dirty", based on complaints from our friends who jokingly mentioned that their husbands took the lockdowns as an excuse not to shower. 
The "Dirty" line was born.
Got a Dirty name for us? Give a shout out and maybe we name the next bar after him!